Mechanical engineering

Design, CIM  technology, CAD, FEM in the construction, control technology and drives  technology, automatic control engineering, optical systems, lasers


Factory, and camp planning, handling, and  flow of material simulation, Supply Chain management

Information technologie / electronics

Image processing,  digital video technology, digital signal processing, telecommunication, xDSL, GSM, system control software, engineering information  technologies, E-commerce systems and multimedia - technologies, transmitter and  receiver  technologies, high frequency technology, stripe line, high voltage technology, electro magnetic influences, network analyses, simulation technologies

Business analysis

Analysis and optimization of business processes of industry, trade and administration
Selection and introduction of PPS and merchandise economic systems
Business- and process- orientated software engineering in CS-design,
Technical oriented merchandise economic systems

Fastferrys and Powercats

Development, construction, distribution and marketing of catamarans for ferries, driving and fishing tours
Manufacturers: Baltec Engineering GmbH

Material sciences

Material technologies, chemical examinations and analyses, memory alloys, thin ceramic layers,


Communication technologies, marketing, Controlling, organization, personnel management, risk management, tourism,  business design